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What do I wear to my photoshoot?

And it's an excellent question! If you are having a maternity session with me, I have lots of gowns you can hire as a part of your session. I even have a small selection of girls dresses. 

If you are having a family or couples session, and will be self styling, I recommend going with a style you are comfortable in. Don't over think it too much and try not to match everyone.

Denim and white is ok if its what you absolutely want to see it in your images but its extremely outdated and over used. 

logos are not advised, they are distracting and unsightly. 

flowy dresses are always a favourite of mine and photograph beautifully.

Contact me for a more personalised style.

When will I get my gallery?

Allow approximately 1 week for your gallery to be delivered. Some take more and some take less, you will be advised on your expected wait time.

Where do I print my photos?

When it comes to printing your photos, please avoid places such as Kmart, big W, Office Works, Snap fish and Harvey Norman. They don't use the same colour profiles and the printed image will differ from the original image.

I recommend using a trusted printing lab that specialises in printing. 

Google Search "Photo Lab near me" or try these trusted labs across Brisbane:

Ted's Cameras, Camera House, RGB Digital Pro Lab, Brilliant Prints, Streets Imaging & Prolab, just to name a few.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a non- refundable deposit of $70 is required to secure your booking. Once a deposit is paid, the session date is yours, it will not be given to anyone else. Should you wish to cancel your session, it can be difficult to fill that spot, therefor the deposit will not be refunded.

How many people can I have in my photoshoot?

Typically I allow up to 7 people in one photoshoot, in saying this, if you are a family of 8, I will not charge for additional people.

Extended Family sessions require a lot more work and an addition fee will be added on.

What happens if it is raining?

I am always checking the weather leading up to a photoshoot. If rain is forecast for the day of your session, I will assess it and contact you with an option of going ahead and making a final decision approximately 3-4 hours before your session; or if substantial rainfall is predicted, I will ask that we postpone to a day with better weather.

Postponing is frustrating, but risk of damaging my equipment and delivering a less than desirable gallery due to a rushed session is not something I am prepared to do.

What if me or someone in my family is ill?

If you or someone in your family is not feeling well, please do not come to your session. We can reschedule you for another time, please contact me as soon as possible to make alternate arrangements.

I need my health to be able to attend other photo sessions and to protect my families health.

If I am ill, I will be in contact with you to reschedule. 

Can my partner and or children be in my maternity photos?

yes! absolutely. after all, it is their journey too!

Can our dog be apart of our photoshoot?

can't believe you even asked! ABSOLUTELY

bring along their favourite treat to help gain their attention.

Can you edit out my double chin?

Sadly, I get asked this all of the time, but here's the thing.. I totally get it! I too am guilty of not liking my appearance at all times; its totally normal and while I can try to rid double, triple or quad-ripple chins, I will not make changes to the point where it is no longer true to who you are. I do like to tidy up all of my images, by removing skin imperfections, such as pimples, bruises and grazes, adding some smoothness and removing the odd double chin; but to turn you into a completely different person would require additional editing fees.

Just remember, you are you and you are beautiful!

Do you travel long distance?

I most certainly do, however extended travel fees do apply. 

Do you do weddings?

Unfortunately, I do not photograph weddings. We all have our niche and sadly this is not one of mine.

Do you offer studio photoshoots?

As of right now, no I don't. This may change in the future so be sure to check back again.

Do you hold a blue card?

Yes, I do hold a current blue card.

Are you vaccinated against whooping cough?

Yes, my vaccinations are all up to date.

Will my photos be shared online?

Generally, I do share an image or 2 of each session online for advertisement purposes. If you would like your images to remain private, please let me know prior to signing your contract.

Can I add filters when sharing online?

No, filters are not permitted on any image that I have produced for you. You have paid me for my work and my editing style. Filters are degrading and falsely represent me as an artist. Your contract states this and upon signing, you agree to not alter my work in any way

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