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     Hi There! I'm Taela!

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to stop by and look at my work!

My name is Taela and I am a Photographer from Brisbane. I have always had a creative eye and a love for photography but photography only really became my passion shortly after my first child was born and the only images I had of her first day in my arms were blurry, as a result of cheap camera.

Since then, I have worked my way up over a course of 10 years, completed a 2 day camera operations course, watched a handful of YouTube videos and the rest is self taught.

I like it to be known that I am a perfectionist; I absolutely detest a job half done. I have been inspired by some of the greatest industry leaders and everyday I aspire to be as great as their greatness. 

Memories are one of the, if not THE most valuable investments of your lifetime. I take great pride in preserving today for your tomorrow and evermore.

 Taela  X

2020 find a photographer awards state finalist
child giving flower to mom




Taela was amazing in every way. I was worried about getting good photos with the boys energy but she did it and my boys were engaged and it all just seemed so effortless. I couldn't be happier with our gallery


Madeline Heffernan

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